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英語はインド式で学べ! 安田正(ダイヤモンド社)






 She is my friend.
 He looks sleepy.
 That seems impossible.
 He appears dead.
 He smells alcohol.
 Today’s lunch tasted bad.
 I feel hungry.
 He remains a leader.
 That coffee stays hot.
 His book became popular.

 I believe him (to be) sad.
 I consider him (to be) honest.
 I felt today’s party (to be) good.
 I set the room clean.
 Music makes me happy.
 The email turned him angry.
 I keep the body cool.
 I left my car lights on all day.
 He left his phone ringing all night.
 You can call me Nick.
 We named his dog Peter.
 I like my coffee hot.
 I like winter freezing.

 She can bring her daughter this gift tonight.
 She handed him the wallet.
 Did you lent him money?
 He offered me some proposals.
 They passed her friend the ticket.
 I paid him 10 thousand yen for the shoes.
 I sent him a message.
 They showed their manager the new plan.
 Will you teach me Manga art?
 She told the children a good story.
 My mother wrote me a letter.
 I bought my family some presents.
 I cooked her dinner.
 He found us the new way.
 I got my mother a concert ticket.
 My younger sister made me a lunch last weekend.
 The pianist played us Japanese music.
 She asked me the way to the station.